Teia Local is a design studio specialized in web development, Internet consulting and brand identity. We work with user interface design and website programming, with special care on the content side. We are fond of Wordpress, Bootstrap and jQuery.

How we do

Our goal is to create projects with focus on aesthetics, usability, objectivity, functionality and, above all, personality. We believe a website should be able to offer visitors a personal experience, rich and relevant to their needs.

Where we are

Teia Local is located in two Brazilian cities — Concórdia (SC) and São Paulo (SP) — however we are open to any international projects. In such cases, English is our preferred language. Get in touch!

giovani faganello

At Work

Giovani Faganello has been involved with internet in one form or another since 1999. His current focus is on Wordpress development. He has developed a large portfolio of clients – from smaller businesses to global corporations. Giovani is an experienced art director, brand designer, and illustrator when the job calls for it. Most importantly: he loves a good challenge.

At Home

Giovani is a enthusiast of retro games, photography, comics and cats. In his free time he also loves to swim, to study Japanese and to hang out with his wife and friends. Music? Coltrane, Corea, Hancock, Hubbard, Miles, Mingus, Monk, Shorter...

ricardo zanini fernandes

at work

Ricardo is a software engineer who works with web development and consulting since 2001. he has worked as a consultant in engineering for several corporations in various business sectors: financial, automotive, industrial, insurance, etc. As a open source enthusiast, Ricardo advocates the modern tendences on development patterns. Currently he is a consultant and works in the field of architecture, management and quality of software development.

at home

Besides cultivating the home with his wife, Ricardo spends much of his time reading comics and studying music.  He is a enthusiast of the Taiko (太 鼓), shamisen (三味 線) and participates in the first group responsible for bringing the art of Taiko to Brazil. He has many side projects but little time to get ahead — among them, a new game for the Nintendo 8 bits. He still hopes to realize the dream of publishing an independent game and learn music on a real way.